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Everyone who would like to buy yorkshire-terrier with great anatomy, good class of hair and colors compliant with standard of race, with good pedigree from home breeding, please contact us via e-mail:

Care of breeder

Everyone who purchase our puppy can count on our help with care, breeding and preparing for exhibitions.


Nina "Bastion"

Drahma "Bastion" (mother of Nina)

Donia Luiza
daughter of Multi CH.ML.INT.CH.SWEET SKY NAVI Liberi Gaias and multichampion RESZKA "Bastion"

Navi (father of Donna Luiza)


ZW.W. Pestka "Bastion"

Mother of Bianka, Reszka, Olivia, Margo, Mona Liza, Czuszka
CH.PL Durrer's Shogun

Father of Bianka

Egida (Daughter of Macho-Mucho)

Honda (16 months)
Daughter of Egida and M.CH. Durrer's Preffered Stock:

Durrer's Preffered Stock (father of Honda)
American Champion
Canadian Champion
International Champion
European Multi Champion

Margo (Daughter of CH.PL Cymes "Bastion")

Reszka (Daughter of CH.PL Cymes "Bastion")

Mirey (Daughter of Reszka)

Great-grandfather of Mirey - Multi CH. Mozart Pompamarjele

Drahma (Daughter of ZW.W Versace Yorex and Mirey "Bastion")
Drahma (14 months)
Drahma (20 months)

Valencja (Daughter of Drahma and Greatest for Liberi Gaias)


Madam Pompadur (Dora) - 15 months
Easyt Love You de Castagnac (father), Mirey "Bastion" (mother)

We sing beautiful...

Karmen, Trojanka, Olivia, Bianka

Drahma, Olivia, Bianka, Mercedes

Bianka, Reszka, Olivia, Drahma

Bianka, Drahma, Reszka, Trojanka

Mona Liza (Monia)
Daughter of ZW.W. Versace Yorex and ZW.W. Pestka "Bastion"

Gajane (20 months)
CH.PL Cymes "Bastion" (father), Bianka "Bastion" (mother)

Czuszka "Bastion" (6 months)
Czuszka "Bastion", CH.PL Actionman de Monderlajne (father),
ZW.W Pestka "Bastion" (mother)
Czuszka "Bastion" (20 months)

ACTION MAN du Domaine de Monderlay (father of Czuszka)